Jul 26, 2012

The Youngest Templar: Trail of Fate - Michael P. Spradlin Book Review

Washed up on a foreign shore, Tristan is lucky to be alive. As before, it seems to be a miracle— the Holy Grail the young Templar squire is protecting has saved his life yet again. But now he is lost in a strange land, and he doesn't know if his friends, the fiery archer Robard Hode and the Saracen assassin maid Maryam, still survive. Tristan's knack for getting into trouble is alive and well, though, and he quickly finds himself drawn into a conflict between a heretical band of Cathars and the oppressive King of France.
With his duty to the Grail pulling him back toward Britain, Tristan finds himself falling for the beautiful leader of the Cathars. And when he chooses to help her in her people's hour of need, Tristan risks not only himself but his friends and the Grail itself on a quest that may prove to be a disaster. (From Amazon.com)

I love this book! You really get to know the characters and it is cool to watch them change and grow stronger. I genuinely love the characters! They are some of my favorites out of all the books I've read. I love the wit, the humor, and the overall understanding and loyalty they have for each other! In some ways it reminds me of the relationship I have with two of my cousins in particular. But of course slightly different. :-P
Lots of things happen in this book. Ultimately Tristan makes more enemies and they have to run faster and harder to get away!
But in the end... Oh I hate the end! The end up in more trouble! *sighs* I am so glad I have all of the books! I don't know what I'd do otherwise! Actually I do, but never mind that.
I can't help but feel triumphant about opening the next book after i just finished the other! It feels  as though I've foiled Mr. Spradlin's plan! And let me tell you that is a good feeling! Mawhahahaha!
So please heed my warning by not reading any of these books unless you them within reach! It;s for your own good! Trust me!
Title- The Youngest Templar: Trail of Fate
Author- Michael P. Sprandlin
Pages- 230
Type of Book- Fiction

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