Jul 20, 2013

Shakespeare's Scribe - Gary Blackwood

When an outbreak of the deadly Black Plague closes the Globe Theatre, William Shakespeare's acting troupe sets off on a tour of England. Widge, the orphan-turned-actor, knows that he'll be useful on the trip. Not only does he love the stage, but his knack for a unique shorthand has proven him one of the most valuable apprentices in the troupe. But then a mysterious man appears, claiming to know a secret from Widge's past-a secret that may forever force him from the theatre he loves.

While the first book had a more comical tone, this one had me crying rather than laughing. I honestly can't say which book I liked better. They are both so well written and so unique in themselves, it's hard to choose.
I thought I loved Widge in The Shakespeare Stealer, but it turns out that I love him even more in the second book; if that's even possible!
My heart broke for him more than once. He's such and amazing character! Definitely a memorable one; maybe even a new favorite!
While this book was more serious and a bit sad at times, the writing was incredible! I cannot believe how much I've come to love these characters. They feel like they're a sort of family that I've known all my life.
I think I am still in a bit of shock over the ending; very emotionally charged! I highly recommend these book, and cannot wait to get my hands on the next one!
Title - Shakespeare's Scribe
Author - Gary Blackwood
Series/Trilogy Title - The Shakespeare Stealer Trilogy
Book in Series/Trilogy - #2
Pages - 265
Type of Book - YA Historical Fiction

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