Mar 25, 2011

I'm Getting Old...

My brother is going to turn 12 tomorrow. That there makes me feel like an old lady! The last I knew he was only 8! That tells you how much I pay attention... I'm such a bad big sister. :P So the house needs to be cleaned up in between now and tomorrow evening. Great. That means I've go to clean the bathroom.... Defiantly not a favorite chore of mine. Yuck.
My dresser has never been so stinking messy before! It looks like a bomb made out of paper exploded on it. I guess that's what you get when you empty your bible cover that hasn't been emptied in who knows how long... I found a pen I've been trying to find for awhile, though. Yeah I know big whoop. This whole blog thing is so weird to me. Especially when I know someone's going to read it, that's just weird. But hey, I'm weird too so I guess it's not that bad... Well I guess I'll go and get the worst over with. Yuck.

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