Apr 20, 2011


I do some beading, mostly when I'm bored stupid. I got these two ideas from a friend and I put them to work right away!

                                            This one's really simple. I just used round nosed pliers on 20 gauge wire. The of course added the beads and linked them together, kind of like a chain.

                                                      Now this one was "duh" simple. I started with 3 strands of colored wire then I put a bead on each strand and then I slipped a single clear bead over all 3. Then I just repeated the process over again.

Well that's that. I will post some more of my latest creations as soon as I get a chance. Maybe one of these days I might get the courage to post some poetry. If I can find some of that good stuff, that is. Until then... *bows deeply*  I shall try to get some more stuff up here.

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