Jun 20, 2011


I'm here at my church after a great night of worship! But let me rewind a bit to yesterday, Fathers Day. Well it started out as a average Sunday morning. I drug myself out of bed with a Sunday Morning Groan then changed my out of my P.J.'s and into something for church. As usual it's always busy on a Sunday morning in our house. So we finally get out the door and to church (my mom and dad had to get to church early for Praise Team practice, so that made for an even more hectic morning). Then my brother and I went to our Sunday Youth class. *fast forwards to after church* So when we got home we changed and got ready to receive our guests for the day(Grandma, Grandpa, Grammy, Papa, Aunt Lorraine, Dan, Courtney, and Josh). So after Courtney and I washed the patio table off, managing to soak a chair in the process, we ate some super yummy grilled burgers and hotdogs and a DQ ice cream cake! (I LOVE DQ!) Then when everybody was getting ready to leave I begged my cousin Courtney to spend the night with me, that is of course after we drank a bunch of Mountain Dew! So that was a wonderfulday yesterday and today was even better! Our church has had these special meetings planned that we called "Come and See" for about a month and that's how I've been thinking of them, our meetings for next month or next week But now that there actually here it's kind of um real! Not to mention exciting! It's too bad there only for 3 nights. ;( but each night we have a different theme like tonight we had cookies and tomorrow night it's pie and Wedsday, it's ice cream! Yummy-yum! But tonight we had a teenage worship group called, colision, after their youth group. My cousin Courtney and I saw them play at a couple youth rally's we've been to. So having seen them before I knew they'd be great! And they were! So after them we had a some puppets and they were really cute! Them we had some more music, then our speaker for tonight, Robert Bonar, an evangelist who has been living at our church since January. It was all a really great way to wrap up the day! Or the last few days!

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Ajnos said...

Hey Liz, sounds like you're having an awesome summer so far. Hope it continues to be just as great.

Ajjie >'.'<