Jun 1, 2011

It Crashed and Burned!

Well our computer died. Or rather crashed and burned, and with it went a story I was writing. :( But what I find both funny and relieving at the same time is that, I've had "Writers Block" for a few months and recently I've gotten unblocked. I wrote about 5 or 6 pages up in my notebook on a Saturday morning and I was really wanting to get it turf up but I didn't have time. But like the very next day the computer decided to give up th ghost. So I didn't lose all of my story! *squees* I most likely lost all I had on the computer but I guess that's ok. I really did't care for the way I started it anyways. But I absolutely LOVE the way it's going now! So maybe that's why the computer crashed,so I would end up having to redo it. But I still would have liked to at least have been able to go off of what I had instead of floundering! oh well I get over it!

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Ajnos said...

Hey Liz. I know the feeling of lost work, and it's not fun. I've never actually had a computer crash on me, but one day (on our very first computer, an ancient Apple Mac) I went to find my documents, and discovered my entire folder (with everything I had ever written or made) was gone - just vanished. I had an almost completed account of our first major family holiday to Cape Town (some of the entries had hard copies, but the last few didn't) and a collection of every poem I had ever written (being young and ignorant as I was, I had disposed of some of the rougher hard copies once they were on the computer).

I learnt from that experience, and now have multiple copies of most of my more valuable work. Over the years, I have also lost a couple of half finished university essays due to formatting errors. But in both cases, it worked out for the best, and my new essay was far better than the original. I praise God that you did not lose too much of your story.

Keep writing.

Ajnos >'.'<