Aug 31, 2011

Change of Plans

Well I changed my mind about posting my story... I know, I know I'm a dork who can't make up her mind. :P But I've been busy and I haven't had time to work on it, and I'm not really liking it all of the sudden. I want to scrap it some days, and other days I hold my notebook like it's some sacred relic! So what am I going to do? Hmmm....... I'm not sure. You might be stuck reading my ramblings for awhile... Yes I know, how much more boring can I get?
Oh I just remembered!
We haven't started school yet because all of our stuff isn't here yet, but yesterday guess what came? MY BIOLOGY DISSECTION KIT! I know it is a little gross for me to be excited about tearing stuff apart...  (Have I mentioned I'm not normal?) It came with a frog, crayfish, earthworm, and a fish! I can't wait to do the crayfish! Those little guys are really fun to catch! I've caught them with my cousins a few times, and also when we went with my uncle to pan for gold, a few years back (the panning was slightly boring, but the crayfish were fun). Oops I'm rambling, aren't I? Okay, subject change! :P
I went to the orthodontist Monday and got some things tightened. ;(  Yuck. Needless to say, these bloody teeth enslavers are giving me grief. Ice water and Motrin are my best friends at the moment. I don't like the colors I chose, though. I wanted to get my "Watermelon Mouth" again, which is every other bracket on the top, red and black, and on the bottom a lime green. But that didn't happen this time... they put what is called a "power chain" on the top brackets. It hurts, but I'll live. So my colors are: A red power chain on top and lime green on the bottom. Thank goodness they didn't insist on putting a power chain on the bottom! Ouch! Pain! Hurt!
Anyhoo not too much going on around here... Though I have made a lot of jewelry as of late. I don't know what I'm going to do with it all... All I can say is I got bored and all this stuff made itself! Hey, I think my aunt is coming up from Mississippi, maybe I'll give some to her! I think I'm rambling again, or have I been doing it for this whole post? Most likely :P
Anyhoo I think I'm going to end this rambling post. 'Bout time, huh? If you made it to the end I congratulate you. You are most likely the only one. :P


Hudson said...

Have fun with the dissections! I hated the crayfish and the frog - the crayfish was nasty last year and the frog was giant and squished.. But the fish was fun!

You should get pictures of the jewelry up! :-)

Elizabeth L.W. said...

Thanks Hudson! I can't wait to pull 'em all apart! :P
I'll most likely get the pictures up in a few days.