Sep 30, 2011


Sorry it took so long to get these up here, my parents were talking about reformatting our computer ( It's never been right since we had that dratted virus made our computer crash). I was going to wait until after it was reformatted but they changed their minds.... Sooo I'm finally getting these up! Again sorry for the delay. And here you go!

1. This neckless I used 2 strands of white .14 gauge wire and some shell beads, and further up I used some silver cylinder beads joined with a round white pearl bead.  I like it because it's different from what I normally make, but I find it appealing nonetheless.

2. Now for this one I used 3 strands of my blue .14 gauge wire (I love that stuff!). I made a strand with light blue cylinder beads and some gray beads, another strand with simple purple and light blue beads, and the last strand with black cylinder beads, gray beads, and some black iridescent beads. The earrings took a little bit of thought, but I finally decided to do a mishmash of all three strands. I like the 3 cylinder beads that are hanging out! :P Though this set is probably one of my favorites, despite the fact that I’m not a big fan of purple.

3. Now this one I made for my grandma because she took me shopping for beads, and spent WAAAAAAAAY too much money!  (Though she kept most of them to give me for Christmas, but she left me just enough to make an amazing necklace!) I figured since she spent so much on me, I should make her something. So this is what I come up with: I think I used my brown .15 gauge wire with a gold clasp, (because I don’t have gold wire) pink seed beads, some small light pink beads to go on the ends of a larger paler pink bead, and some even larger pale pink beads sandwiched between gold spacer beads. I don’t have many pink beads so I think I did an exceptional job with what I had. Though it’s not my most prized, Grandma liked it nonetheless. In fact a lady at her church liked it so much so that my grandma gave it to her. (Most likely knowing that she’ll get another necklace from me sometime soon :P)

4. Now my cousin Courtney (she’s been mentioned in some of my other posts) asked me if it was possible for me to make an anklet. So I messed around a little bit and this is what I came up with: I used silver 20 gauge wire and some bright green and clear beads, along with a heart charm by the clasp. It was simple enough but I don’t really see too many more of them in my future.

5. Now these are my prized twins! I used silver .15 gauge wire on them both. One is only a tiny bit longer than the other, one has black cylinder beads and the other brown. Otherwise they’re almost identical, other than the larger beads I put about midway. (The silver spacer beads I put throughout the necklace are something my grandma bought me) My aunt Angela chose the brown one and my aunt Janet chose the black one. The sisters got the sister necklaces! :P (Oh and I used my Shakespeare book as the background for a lot of these because it was the only book that I could get to stand up! The thing is HUGE!)

6. This one I made using 3 strands of my .14 gauge blue wire. I suspended 3 different sized and colored beads on each strand, using some crimp beads underneath each bead. Black beads on one strand, silver beads on another, and clear beads on yet another. I think this style is called a “floating” necklace. My aunt Angela liked it so she got it.

I don’t remember the exact total of all these in this style that I made, but there are a lot of them. I used 2 strand of either my .15 silver wire or the blue .14 gauge wire, various colors and sizes of cylinder beads, and crimp beads to suspend the “floating” beads. All of them have the same basic pattern: 5 cylinder beads then 2 other beads 5 cylinder beads 2 other beads… and so on. Then after that was finished I took and suspended the other beads on another piece of wire and then I wrapped it around the other fully beaded strand. And here they be, in different colors and different sizes: 

7. These are the first one's I made, Pink and Green.

8. An aqua Blue and a metallic looking Purple

9. A Gold and a Black

10. Red an Blue (These two are my favorites!)

11. 'Lellow. I don't really care for this one... I just might tear it apart.

12. I ran out of my silver wire so I couldn't do the wrapping.

13. I used the 20 gauge wire some small pink beads and some pearly looking beads too. But the two larger beads were the inspiration for this particular piece.

14. Now with tis one I used 26 gauge red wire some larger random black beads, some small clear beads and the centerpiece is from a lady at our church who used to to a lot of beading herself, but since then is not doing it too much any more. So she's been giving her stuff to me (she's the one who originally got me into the 20 gauge wire). I like how I didn't use any red beads only the red wire, I think it stands out nicely.

15. This one is the same idea as the previous one. Blue 26 gauge wire, small clear beads, dark blue seed beads,  some larger black iridescent beads, and the centerpiece is from the same lady.

16. This bracelet I made for my cousin Kimberly. .15 gauge silver wire, a magnetic clasp, a variety of cylinder beads and some larger colored beads to help it stay together, making it almost like a spiders web or a giant glob of sugary sweetness! I made two others, a black for Courtney, a silver and white one for my other cousin Megan. But I gave them away before I had a chance to get a picture of them. Sorry, I really need to get pictures of them as soon as I'm finished with them. 

17. This has to be a prized possession of mine! A bookmark! And it's not paper so I can't ruin it if I chew on it! :P Yeah sorry like you really needed to know that...
I used Red and Black 26 gauge wire, my favorite red and black iridescent beads (The little thing hanging from the end was already wrapped when it was given to me).

So there you have it, and my only excuse for not getting these up sooner is because I am lazy. I will try to post more, and I know I say that at the end of nearly every post but I have plans... 
And that is what I'll leave you with, just a teaser. :P

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