Oct 15, 2011


I know most of you have at least seen my Facebook posts about Ignite, the question is, what in the world is Ignite? Well... Ignite is a super duper awesomely awesome youth rally! My cousin Courtney took me to her school awhile back (I can't even remember when it was, only sometime last year)to listen to a inspirational speaker. He was a football player (I can't remember his name for the life of me) I was excited about it but I was terrified that I'd get lost in such a huge building. So needless to say I would not let Courtney out of my sight! I knew a a few of the kids there, some of them came to our youth group and others I'd only heard about. I drank a Mountain Dew, (which I really didn't need) ate some pizza, and settled in to see what this guy had to say. He was good, funny, and all-in-all seemed like a nice guy, but afterwards is when Ignite came into play. The people who helped set this whole thing up did a few games and other stuff, including giving away an iPod Touch and such things a CDs. But afterwards a friend of ours who used to come to our youth group was telling us about this awesome youth rally that was involved with heading up all the things that night. My first thoughts about what he was telling us was "How lame can you get? Games for kids our age? Nice." They handed out these flyers with the words "Unite to Ignite, Our God is a consuming fire" I was like okay whatever... But in the next week or so Courtney called me and told me that that night just happened to be that Ignite thing we'd heard about, and was wondering if I'd go with her because she didn't want to go by herself. So I tagged along. Well since then I've fallen in love! With both Jesus, and Ignite in general. But what is Ignite all about? Well, when we start out, we do all sorts of outlandish games. Games that don't even have names! The last Ignite I was at we had to make the tallest castle out of marshmallows and toothpicks. Our team lost. Because we just piled all our marshmallows into one huge lump with at least six toothpicks poking out from each marshmallow! We called it our porcupine! :P But I'd have to say playing soccer with no rules and using a football is Awesome! Then we eat some food, depending on which church it's held at determines how much food they serve. For instance, one church may serve just cookies and punch, while another church may serve taco's, nachos, brownies, and cookies. Then after all that we head into that particular churches Auditorium for a entirely too short worship service. Then after about 3 awesome songs preformed by their live band(the same band I mentioned in This post), we sit and listen to the speaker for about 10-20 min.
But over everything else the worship service is the best! Because that's exactly what we do, we worship! The songs we sing normally range from Chris Tomlin and Hillsong to Hawk Nelson and Tenth Avenue North. It's amazing to be in the middle of all these other teenagers just singing out to our Creator!  It's not just about all the wacky games we play and it's not about the awesome food either, it's about you and Jesus! And let me tell you it's awesome!

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