Oct 24, 2011

My Braces Need HELP!

HELP ME! I cannot figure out what color I want to do for my braces! I'm going to the orthodontist on the 27th and I'm not having any great ideas. Soooo... I was wondering if you guys would have any ideas, since I seem to be fresh out. But this appointment is going to be a little complicated.... I am getting another bracket on each of my very back teeth and I have a sneaking suspicion that it's going to be pretty painful. My orthodontist originally said I'd only have my braces on for 8 months at the most.... It's been 8 months and I'm going back to get more stuff put in my mouth... GRRRR!
Anyhoo, so if you would keep me in  your prayers I'd really appreciate it.
 I have decided to go with only one color this time, but other than that I got nothin'.  My orthodontists has nearly any color you can possibly imagine so that makes the decision even harder to make... The only colors I don't do are pink, purple, brown, and yellow. So if you'd please have your votes in before the 27th that'd be perfect! (Gee don't I sound like some kind of game show host? :P)


Momto3kids said...

GOLD! Make it like like you have gold teeth! Or maybe, green...but not just a normal green a funky green, to make it look like you have something stuck in your teeth! :-0 Just trying to help ya out!

Autumn Elizabeth said...

Bright, electric blue is a personal favorite of mine for braces. :) It makes your teeth look really white! I also like how teal and lime green look. I like light pink, but have decided not to do it ever again, because it starts to turn a nasty orange! So I'm anti-pink as well. xP Black looks pretty cool to, though I've never tried it. You could always go with nuetral silver if you're not sure what you want, which is what I did this past time (even though, I only had it for a couple of weeks, because I have a few special in between app. because of my special stuff, xP). Ooh, aqua looks really cool! You could do orange, for fall. :) Here's my braces blog, if you want to see some of my pictures: http://www.bracerace.blogspot.com

Elizabeth L.W. said...

Oh my, a blog about your braces?! How fun! I'm going to stalk it! :P Thanks for the color advise! I know I've had a lime green before and I liked it. I'm liking the blue idea.... I've also gotten a suggestion for a bright orange, which I'm considering also.... I'll sleep on it tonight and see what my decision is in the morning! I might get some pictures up too, but we'll see.

P.S. Mum I'm afraid the "Mr. T" look isn't going to work for me! :P