Oct 17, 2011

Edible History

Recently I had to make a model of the Garden of Eden for History. I looked all over the Internet but only found a bunch of Italian restaurants called the Garden of Eden, and that’s about it. Soooo I, being the hungry person I am, decided to make a cake! And the best part was that I actually got to EAT the Garden of Eden! How many people do you know who’ve had that privilege? :P Okay enough gloating. We made it out of chocolate cake (dirt), homemade butter cream icing, chocolate sprinkles, a marshmallow attempted at the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (I say attempt for a reason, as you can see :P), Then after we assembled our Three-with-the-long-name, we found some plastic palm trees from a past birthday cake, and the dinosaurs and other plastic critters were from my dear way-too-tall younger brother, Nathan. So I was well supplied! :-) It tasted good too! Especially with ice cream! Everything is better with ice cream! :P  Anyhoo here be me Eden Cake!:

I love eating History! :P

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