Nov 30, 2011

Just Couldn't Resist!

Hey there! Well I've been sick both today and yesterday with, what I'm guessing, is the flu. Yeah I know, so if your computer comes down with a virus after viewing this post, you can't blame me. :-P But this evening my dad showed me this video, and well it's still making me laugh! It's great and awesome, and awesome and great! So I figured I'd share it with you guys since my posting has been kinda sparse as of late. So It's the song The Twelve Days of Christmas done by some popular christian artists. It's reallllllllllllllly awesome, especially for a sporocious 'shroomy sicko like myself. :-P

P.S.: When my brother was sick, about a week and half ago, I had just finished the chapter in Biology about  Kingdom fungi. Hence the "sporocious 'shroom", it's a cross between the words ferocious and spore, and of course mushroom thrown in there and shortened. So I was calling my brother a Sporocious 'Sroom, and telling him to keep his sores to himself.... Well lo and behold, I get sick next. Nice. Real nice, Nate. Yeah ummm... please don't leave me alone with this crazy wacked imagination of mine. Hey well at least I can amuse myself when I'm off my game. But then again I do have a sick sense of humor... Okay now I'm rambling and I need to get off of this thing. Night folks, or morning, or evening, or whatever it is. I'm tired... Can you tell?

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