Apr 16, 2012

Brandon Heath Leaving Eden CD

This CD in was really pretty great! I liked it a lot more than I expected! It was more my style than the Hawk Nelson CD. I can’t exactly say why I liked it more, maybe because it was more serious… I don’t know, you tell me.
Leaving Eden – This song is great! I’ve heard it lots of times on Klove, but I still think it’s a really great song. Brandon really paints a great picture about how far we’ve gone away from what we should have been while we were in Eden. But it’s not depressing either.
For history this school year I started in Genesis, so naturally I studied Creation and the Fall. It’s insane to think about what life would be like today if we hadn’t made that horrible choice in Eden. It makes my head hurt. To think of a world with no pain, no suffering, no heartache, no tears, or death, I can’t even fathom it. Was born into the world with a sinful nature that I battle against daily, and to think that’s not what it was suppose to be like. It’s crazy! Anyway, I’ve gotten off track… ‘Leaving Eden’ is a great song!
Your Love – Another one I’ve heard quite a few times on the radio. And it is so incredibly true! The only thing that really truly matters is Jesus’ love! And I shouldn’t have to worry because He has it all figured out.
The Light in me – I love this song. I loved it from the moment I first heard it. So much so that I have a hard time figuring out which part is better than the other. It’s incredible! I can’t sing it without smiling and wanting to shout it out to the world! Because a few people shouldn’t just sing this song, it should be sung by the whole world!
Only Water – The very last verse in this song is so cool! The song itself is okay, but it’s all leading up to that last verse. The song is nothing without it. I really think it’s cool. I love the way Mr. Heath put it! He refers to Jesus’ first miracle, turning water into wine, and how it was only water. I don’t know I just really think it’s cool.
Stolen – This one could very easily be my favorite song on the CD! The chorus and the second verse are absolutely amazing! I love this song. I guess I sort of connect with it, and well it’s kind of hard to ignore something like that.
Might Just Save Your Life – This one has a different tune compared to the rest of the CD. It’s okay, but I like the other ones lyrics more than this one. Not that there is anything wrong with it, I just prefer some of the others to this one.
It’s Alright – I’m not sure what to think of this one, it kind of surprises me how much I like it. It’s sort of comforting. Everything about it just strikes me as so different, and it works together so well. I like the changes in the depths of the music, which is surprising because I normally don’t notice things like that.
It’s No Good to be Alone – I’ve heard this one before. It’s an alright song. I love the tune! I’ve also seen the music video. It’s pretty cool. But the tune is so fun to goof off to! It’s a pretty fun song in general.
Now More Than Ever – This song is incredible! ‘Stolen’ might even come second to this one! It’s so me. I want to be so close to Jesus. I cannot wait to see Jesus. That is what I want more than anything. Some days it’s hard, it even hurts. And waiting, ugh! I’m not an overly patient person and waiting can be taxing, but I think I’m getting better, which is totally shocking! :-P Every time I talk about Jesus I get this horrible longing, I want to be with Him now, I don’t want to wait anymore. But this is one of those songs I need to remember when I feel like that. I’m not alone.
The One – Another great one! This one is so cool! It kind of makes you feel important. Definitely makes you wonder, “what if?” Here I’ll quote my favorite part:
“I see a day when people are free
When shackles are broken and fall to the street”
Some of you know how I feel about modern-day slavery and how badly I want to see it end. How badly I want to see Jesus end it. I know He’s working there and I can’t tell you how much I want to be a part of it! Again, I’m still waiting for Jesus to give me the go ahead.  I’m pretty sure He’s teaching me something about patience here. Crap.
As Long as I’m Here – Love the first verse of this song! Really good song! I really like it. Then again, I guess I like to think! You know just to sit and think about as many aspects of that particular subject as you can, which then of course will lead you to other subjects until you have so much on your mind that you’ve go to grab a pencil and sort some thing things out. At least that’s how I do it…
So this CD was great. Would I go and buy it? Yeah, I wouldn’t mind having it. I still can’t believe how much I liked it. It’s not that I didn’t care for Brandon Heath before; I guess I just have more respect for him as an artist. I was very pleased with this CD!
Favorite Song – Yikes! I really liked a lot of them… But I think I’d have to say my favorite song would have to be… * drum roll * ‘Now More Than Ever’! I think… Either that or ‘Stolen’… :-P
Again, if you have any thoughts about this CD or a certain song on it , feel free to leave it in a comment!

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