Apr 5, 2012

Hawk Nelson - Crazy Love CD

 What did I think of this CD? Hmmm... Overall I thought it was a little odd. It has a good vibe and it's fun, but when I listen to music I tend to lean more towards the serious that fun. Don't get me wrong I love some of the more fun music! But as for this CD, it's not particularly what I'd listen to all the time.
Tally-Ho – This song was really fun. But I didn’t really see the point of it. I liked the oddness of it but it lacked meaning.
Your Love is a Mystery – I liked this one. It was sort of a deep breath from the last song! :-P This one had more of the meaning I was looking for in the last song.
Crazy Love – L-O-V-E! Need I say more? We sang this song at Ignite, it was the first time I’d heard it, and well I pretty much fell in love with ‘Crazy Love’! It has a pretty radical message to it, but it’s so awesome!
My Next Breath – I think this is my favorite song off this entire CD! It has a little slower pace but it is full of truth! Man I cannot tell you how much I need Jesus more than my next breath! He is my next breath!
We’re Alright I didn’t find this song very relatable, but it might be more relatable for other people.
Skeleton This song was alright. It’s cool and I get what they are trying to say it’s just not exactly my favorite. :-(
We Can Change the World – I definitely liked this one! This one really hits home for me. It portrays a lot of what I devote my thoughts too. If we’d just do what we’re called to do as Christians, can you imagine how much different our world would be? A good example of this is Tim Tebow. He is one guy who is doing what Jesus wants to see us all doing.
One Shot This song is good. It mostly is about not wasting your life. It’s a good song, just once again not one of my favorites.
Fraud – Definitely not my favorite song. I just don’t see why you’d write a song about some guy that drives you insane. I just don’t see what it accomplishes. Instead of making yourself feel better, find out why that person is the way they are, spend time with them; get to know them. Who knows you might make a friend out of them.
Joanna Well I’m not overly fond of songs about old girlfriends… Just saying, I find it a little odd.
LAX – Ummm… This one is interesting… Kind of funny. :-P It makes me wonder how bored they must have been to write a song like this… You kind of get the impression that they aren’t overly fond of airports… :-P I love the ending though, where they scream but it ends in a sputter and then a cough! That was pretty good!
Done Holding On – This song is about regrets and holding on to them. It’s an alright song. I like it.
Thanks for the Beautiful Memories – I’m not sure what to think of this one… Are they talking to Jesus or their fans? I really don’t know.
All in all I think it’d be a waste for me to buy it, because in all reality there is really only 4 out of 13 songs that I really like. But the ones I do like are really good! I Like Hawk Nelson’s upbeat fun style. This CD is just not one I’d go out and buy.
Favorite Song It’s a toss up between ‘My Next Breath’ and ‘We Can Change the World’.

Also if you have any thoughts about this CD or a certain song on it, just leave it in a comment below!


Hudson said...

Have you heard anything off of RelientK's "MMHMM"? It's got a fun, upbeat tune a lot (High of 75)and some seemingly random lyrics (The Only Thing Worse Than Beating a Dead Horse is Betting On One), but overall it's a very serious and thought-provoking CD. I think my favorite song off of it is I So Hate Consequences.

Elizabeth L.W. said...

I love RelientK's song be my escape! I've haven't heard much else by them but I know I like their style. I'll definitely look into it! Thanks!