May 17, 2012

Passion - White Flag CD

This is Passion City church’s new CD! It’s from their annual conference they had earlier this year! While I couldn’t exactly skip on down to Atlanta, we did watch it online. And let me tell you, it was amazing! Louie Giglio is one of my favorite people, I love his attitude and his love for Jesus and people in general. Francis Chan, Lecrae, John Piper, and I can’t exactly remember who else where all there, but it was awesome! The goal or purpose of the conference is something that changes every year and this year their goal was to raise 1 million dollars to combat modern-day slavery. They were told that it would be very difficult, nearly impossible, to reach their goal with mostly college students as attendees. Not only did they prove them wrong by reaching their goal, they surpassed it and raised a total of 3.3 million dollars to rescue victims, and fight in the battle of modern-day slavery! Glory! I was elated for them! Hearing some of the statistics and conditions of slavery in the world today awoke something in me. Oh sure I knew about modern-day slavery, but it was like I was hearing it all for the first time. Numbers can be just numbers, but that night they were people to me. Jesus showed me my passion while I was watching Passion 2012. Now I am sold out to Jesus and committed to fighting slavery. So here is the review on the songs they sang at Passion 2012!

Not Ashamed – Kristian Stanfill – Can we say awesome? I have this thing for drums, and this song definitely gets my blood pumping! I really really like this song! And Kristian Stanfill is pretty awesome too, though he didn’t write this song. Being that Passion City is mostly made up of college students their music has a “young” vibe to it, if you will. I love it!

White Flag – Chris Tomlin – If you haven’t heard this song yet you should totally look it up! It is really cool! We sang it at Ignite in April, right before Easter. I think I did a bit of a happy dance when they started to play it! My cousin just rolled her eyes (she knows me and my quirks all to well), while our other two friends looked at me like I was insane! :-P Anyways, this is an awesome song!

Jesus, Son of God – Chris Tomlin & Christy Nockles – This one could easily be my favorite. It’s just so full of Jesus. “A love like this the world has never known”, How much more can be said? “The cross was enough, the cross was enough”. Yeah I pretty much love this song! I think it’s one of my dad’s favorites also.

How I Love You – Christy Nockles –  This song just speaks worship. Hearts turned to their Creator in fellowship. It’s so cool! I think Ignite is awesome, but this, this is breathtaking.

All This Glory – David Crowder*Band – While I am not overly fond of the David Crowder*Band there are a few of their songs that I like. The verses of this song are really good, though!
While the world was waiting on
A change to come along
Light broke in Coming like a song

Lay Me Down – Chris Tomlin & Matt Redman – This song is so good! I love it!

I lay me down 
I’m not on my own
I belong to You alone
I would seriously like to quote the whole thing for you, but I need to keep this short. ;-(
Hand on my heart, this much is true
There’s no life apart from You
I think I love the entire chorus! Oh, and the end, too! They really rock it out with the drums and the guitars! It’s awesome!
It will be my joy to say
Your will, Your way

You Revive Me – Christy Nockles – Although Christy Nockles didn’t write this song, she does and excellent job! I like the part that says,
Only You can satisfy,
You’re the well that will never run dry 
It reminds me of something Mark Hall, from Casting Crowns, has said about ‘the woman at the well’ from the Bible.

One Thing Remains – Kristian Stanfill – Another one sung by Kristian Stanfill, but not written by him. And I love it!
Your love never fails
Never gives up
Never runs out on me
Now that is love. True and faithful.
There is nothing that can separate my heart from Your great love
That’s Jesus.

Yahweh – Chris Tomlin – One thing I love about Passion is that it’s more than just songs that have been practiced until they know them. It’s deep, it’s wide, it’s passionate, and mighty!
For all the world, Your love displayed
Now all Your works shall praise Your name
Not my works but His. I love that.

Sing Along – Christy Nockles – I love this chorus! It’s so beautiful!
Great God wrap Your arms around this world tonight
Around the world tonight 
And when You hear our cries 
Sing through the night 
So we can join in Your song  
And sing along 
We'll sing along
How can you not worship to that? And to know He does hear. How amazing is that?

The Only One – Chris Tomlin – This one is awesome! Love the beat! Love the song! I am in love! Definitely a favorite!

Mystery – Charlie Hall – This one has some great lyrics, but it just doesn’t get into me like the others do. Something about the tune or something I’m not sure. But I love the lyrics! Very good!

10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) – Matt Redman –  This song is on Matt Redman’s last album ’10,000 Reasons’ so I already sort of knew it, but Klove has been really playing it a lot, so I pretty much know it now. I really like this one a lot. It’s also another of my dad’s favorites.

No Turning Back – Chris Tomlin  This is a great way to end the CD. To end Passion. I remember being struck with the immensity of this song while watching it all online. It was so cool, it still is.
This is my heart cry
Though none go with me 
The cross before me 
The world behind me
They really did a great job at redoing this song. Really great!

Overall super awesome CD! And Yes, I would really like t have it! Too bad my birthday is over.... 
Favorite Song: Hmm… That’s hard. I think it’d have to be, 'One Thing Remains – Kristian Stanfill'!

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