Jul 7, 2012

Christian Teen Lifestyle Blog

Hey guys! How have you all been? Doing well I hope.
Recently I was invited to be a co-author of a blog called Christian Teen Lifestyle. They do lots of reviews on music and movies. They even do devotionals, which are very good and thought provoking!
And yes they invited little ol'e me to come and write with them. ACK!
To say I feel flattered is an understatement! I was more like flabbergasted! (Heehee! I love that word!) I talked to my parents and did some praying before I said yes. And Jesus really showed me that I should go for it.
While I haven't done any posts for them yet, I am part of the CLT blog! But when I read my fellow authors posts I feel so inadequate and maybe even a little bit silly. These people over at CTL are good. Really good. And they have a pretty big responsibility, they're role models and you can trust the reviews they do. Honestly if I am to write with them and have other teens possibly look up to me, that actually freaks me out a whole lot. But I am going to trust Jesus on this one. If Jesus says jump I want to be able to ask how high, and leave the rest up to him. It's actually a pretty scary thought and I'm not going to sugar coat it. I'm scared.
So I'm going to ask you guys to pray for me, and that I won't make a colossal flop of things. :-/
Also here's the link to the CLT blog!
Be watching for my first post would ya? :-P And while you're there check out some of there awesome reviews and devos!


Kimberly said...

Cool beans!! Its sounds interesting and a little scary! Definitely will be praying for ya. Oh and I like how you said, "If Jesus says jump, I want to be able to ask how high.." If you want to say that made me smile! :)

CandleLady9ah said...

Definitely praying, you will do great!

Elizabeth L.W. said...

Thank you guys!