Jul 18, 2012

The Youngest Templar: Keeper of the Grail -Michael P. Spradlin Book Review

As an orphan, Tristan never dreamed he would travel the world or discover the truth about his past. But all that changes when the Knights Templar ride through the abbey on their way to battle. Suddenly, Tristan finds himself as a squire to one of the most respected knights. While exciting, it is also dangerous, as Tristan gets caught between rival knights desperate for power and entrusted with the most sacred relic - the Holy Grail. With the help of a young archer and a deadly warrior, can Tristan safely bring the Holy Grail back to England? Or will he succumb to the dangers of the evil men who follow in its wake? (From Amazon.com)
Do NOT, under any circumstances, read this book. I repeat, do not read this book.
Unless you have the other 2 books within an arms length away! These books end horribly! They get to a really exciting and dire part and then, BAM! They slap a cute little “to be continued…” at the end and that’s it! Outrageous!
So unless you enjoy torture at the hands of evil scheming authors don’t read these books without the others present!
Warning Ended.
I fortunately own this whole trilogy, and I’m actually re-reading it. Though when I bought the first book I did not have the other two books. It was several months, maybe even a year later; by the time I got my hands on the second book. That was terrible! Absolute torture! *mutters something about inconsiderate authors*
So now I am finally reliving these books!
 So the second time around I’ve noticed that this book doesn’t have a whole lot of detail, but it’s still intriguing nonetheless.
I haven’t read many works of historical fiction, but this is definitely a favorite of mine!
It’s not too terribly suspenseful unlike other books I’ve read, but I love the storyline! Though I guess it could be considered cliché, but still I really like it!
In fact when I stumbled across this book I had been writing something of a similar plotline, but of course it had its differences. Though story fizzled out pretty quickly.
Spradlin’s writing isn’t anything I would overly praise but it is good and solid. You can really tell he put a lot of hard work into this book.
Oh, and if someone had been watching me while I was re-reading this book, I would undoubtedly be locked up by now. I would periodically whisper to the book how excited I was for what I knew was coming next.
Yeah… I know…
But it was fun! :-P
And that’s not all! I would say to my brother, “The bandits are coming! I’m so excited!” or, “The Assassin’s are coming! I’m so excited!” and of course, “The evil dude is coming! I’m so excited!”
I think I kind of freaked him out… I don’t know why… :-P
I really love this book and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys swords, archery, and a little bit of humor!
But again, don’t read it! Well you know, unless you have the others within reach.
Title -The Youngest Templar: Keeper of the Grail
Author -Michael P. Spradlin
Pages -248
Type of Book -fiction
Website - http://michaelspradlin.com/

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