Aug 11, 2012

The Youngest Templar: Orphan of Destiny - Michael P. Spradlin Book Review

Tristan and his companions-the fiery archer Robard Hode and the assassin maid Maryam-have escaped to England. But tragedy has occurred to Tristan's beloved abbey while they were on the Third Crusade, and Robard's home in Sherwood Forest suffers under the rule of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Many obstacles still prevent them from delivering the Holy Grail into safe hands. Tristan must defeat the evil Sir Hugh in one final battle. And he must learn the secret of his birth, a secret Richard the Lionheart and Eleanor of Aquitaine are willing to kill to protect! (From
Hands down this is the best book out of the trilogy! I love every bit of it! And it probably helps that the ending isn't terrible...
I like this book for a number of reasons. One reason being the 'Robin Hood' aspect of this book, it's actually been hinted at throughout the trilogy but this book confirms it. For as long as I can remember Robin Hood has always been a favorite story of mine. I realize its a legend and it's most likely been fabricated and added on too, but the character and heart of Robin Hood has always fascinated me. And we all know something about Robin Hood, the guy who stole from the rich and gave it to the poor, and even the movie I watched as a little girl portrayed Robin Hood as a crafty intelligent fox. One of my favorite childhood movies might I add.
Though this isn't the only reason I love this book in particular. I love Tristan's intolerance for injustice, it makes him feel sick in one particular place. And that theme is carried throughout these books.
I also love Tristan's fortitude and his commitment to see his mission through. Even if he doesn't feel like doing it, he continues on. He faces many tragedies in this book, but he still goes on. Just like a true Knight! 
Spradlin did an excellent job writing Tristan, and all the other characters. 
Re-reading these books have only made me love them more! I'd have to say Tristan, Robard, and Maryam are some of my absolute favorite characters of all time!
Title- The Youngest Templar: Orphan of Destiny
Author- Michael P. Spradlin
Pages- 258
Type of Book- Fiction

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