Sep 28, 2012

A Brief Update

Hello readers!
It's been a little while since I've given you an update on my life, so I figured with school having recently started, now would be a great time for an update!
I love school! It's that simple! And I don't care if people think I am a nerd because that is exactly what I am, and I love it!
It does help that I have a lot of easy classes this year.
Here is a list of what I'm taking this year;
History -Which ranges from the Resurection of Jesus to the American Revolution. Huge time span but definitely my favorite!
Biology - I didn't finish it last year because we had some problems and I got behind. So this year after I finish it we will order my chemistry.
American Sign Language - I love it! For practice I've started signing as much as I can to my favorite songs! It's really fun!
Photography - So far it's been fun, but this particular curriculum is taking quite a bit of work! It's a good thing books and are on friendly terms, because they are assigning them like crazy!
Algebra 1 - I took consumer mathematics last year instead of Algebra 1. But I love algebra! It is exactly how my mind works! Even when I was younger I always enjoyed that sort of missing number problem.
One Year Adventure Novel - Yeah... So I guess I'm writing a novel...?
Now before you get all worked up, I'm not even sure if I'm going to publish it yet. I'm supposed to, by the end of the school year, have writen a complete 12 chapter adventure novel.
My cousin has informed me that I will indeed publish my novel, and it will be so cool that I'll have to sell it for a billion dollars, and everyone in the world will buy it.
Yeah right.
I think I should worry about the writing process for right now and deal with the sales later.
OYAN (One Year Adventure Novel) is by far my hardest subject. Now that may seem silly and all but it's true. It takes a lot of thinking and concentration, to mention the ridiculous amount of self control!
Every once in a while I'll be sitting there on the couch with the laptop sitting on my lap and I'll just be thinking to myself, "I am writing a novel. A real novel that people may want to buy, let alone read!" It's a little mind blowing to say the least!
OYAN is also my favorite class this year. What's weird is that I love OYAN because it's hard. I like how it pushes me to think, imagine, and create.
I stopped writing about a year and a half ago, simply because my writing was crap. I used to write like crazy, at least one horrible poem per day! I say horrible because they weren't really poetry, just a collection of profound truth made to sound fancy. But I pulled that particular notebook out the other day and I noticed that the theme of most all of my "poetry" was centered around one thing.
So I kind of made that a big part of my novel in the works. My novel is actually a story that I've revised, and replotted, and rethought, dozens of times that I just couldn't let go of.
But that is all I am going to tell you about  my novel. At least for now.
I know my book reviews have been coming a lot slower this month, mostly because of school. I'm on the laptop all day until I'm finished with school and I honestly just want a break from the thing, and by the time I feel like getting back on it's late and I'm ready for bed.
The only thing I regret about having school back in session is that I have less reading time. As a result my reviews are most likely going to slow down.
But enough of me! What's up with you guys? What are you enjoying about this school year? And what is driving you crazy?

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