Dec 31, 2012

Eye On It - tobyMac CD

I love tobyMac, his heart, his book, and his music! I'm not really into groups like Skillet and Thousand Foot Krutch, though I do like some of their songs, but I do really like rap. The fact that Lecrae is featured in this CD did not escape me at all! (I ♥ Lecrae!) This CD is wonderful! I loved every bit of it!
Me Without You - Have you seen the t-shirt for this song?! It's awesome! Anyway, this is a great song! It actually is the only song on the CD that I knew; now I know them all! :-P This song expresses how different life would be like for a Christian if we didn't have Jesus. I know I would be very far from where I am now.
Steal My Show - This song reminds me of Lecrae's song Background,  which is a favorite of mine!
We may think we want something but what we really need is Jesus. Toby encourages Jesus to "steal my show" and give the people what they need.  But it goes further than Toby and his own concerts, it carries through to everyday life. I really like this one!
Eye On It - And now for the title track! This one features Britt Nicole. It's about keeping you're eye on the prize at the end of the race every Christian runs. A high energy song that is really fun!
Forgiveness - This one features Lecrae! (Yay!) Love this guy, and this song! This is also one of my sisters favorites. It's a really cool song about a tough thing. You can never be beyond Jesus' forgiveness. This song also deals with judgement. We all mess up but that is why there is such a thing as grace and forgiveness.
Speak Life - This one is another favorite of my sisters. It deals with the importance of your words. Words can tear down or you can use them to Speak Life. A really great song!
Unstoppable- I love songs like this! The ones that talk about how we are not of this world, they can be so encouraging!
We'd rather burn up, than stick to the shade
Not of this world so we live on the run
We keep our eyes on what is to come
Here's another quote from the end of the song;
To live is Christ, to die is gain
We're not afraid ,we're not afraid
I really love that bit of truth.
Lose Myself - Sometimes we have to give up or own wants and desires to see what Jesus has for us, and that is what this song is about. Another powerful song.
Family - The closing line of this song sums up the whole thing.
It's not too late to say, Father show us the way
To fight for what we got
'Cause you believe in family, in family
Families we're not meant to split apart, but they do. If only we'd fight for what we have, because Jesus believes in family.
Thankful For You - In this song Toby expresses his thankfulness to Jesus and how he's gone way beyond his wildest dreams. He also expresses his thankfulness to his fans.
Made For Me- this song is about Toby and his wife, Amanda. I am normally not into "love" songs whether its a song to their girlfriend or their wife, but I've made and exception for this one!
It's kind of a fun song but its cool how he emphases that they are opposites in many ways but they were created for each other. I also thought it was funny when he mentioned his kids as "Jamericans" (his wife is Jamaican). I like the last verse!
Well, I got white skin an she got brown skin
But milk and coffee's always been a beautiful blend
Mac Daddy - Love this one! It's so fun! His son Truett sings/raps most of the song. It's about how he needs (wants) a laptop so he cam make his own music. It's a really fun song! I love the conversation between the two of them at the beginning and at the end!
Favorite Song - This song features Jamie Grace. I like this one a lot too!
Like a lyric to my favorite song,
You stick with me all day long
And when I reach the end, 
I want to hear it again
These lyrics have constantly been stuck in my head!

My overall thoughts? Loved, loved, loved, this CD! Every song was wonderful! I love TobyMac's music style, it's so fun and his lyrics are awesome!
My advise? Go get this CD and rock out! I already received it as a Christmas present!
My Favorite Song - Oh geez, this is a super tough one.... Steal My Show, Forgiveness, or Speak Life.

But here is the song Mac Daddy, just to whet your appetite!


Beautiful Possibilities said...

I loved this post! I've heard this whole CD and you perfectly described each of the songs! Keep bloggin', girl! You're awesome! :)

Elizabeth L.W. said...

Aww, thanks cousin! *hugs*