Feb 8, 2013

Meet & Greet?

Hey guys! I’ve got some exciting news! Well exciting for me and my blog. Diane Estrella is hosting a Meet & Greet over at http://dianeestrella.com/meet-greet-elizabeth-westover/ today, and guess who her guest is? That’s right, me! So head on over there and check it out! You might just find something you didn’t know about me. :-D
Look around at her site too! She always has some sort of giveaway going over there! Go ahead and enter a few! Who knows, you might even win. 

ACK! On a completely other note, I am reading a really amazing book at the moment that I cannot wait to share it with you! Though I guess that will have to wait for a little while.
See you soon!
(This post was scheduled because I am probably scurrying around getting ready to leave on a winter retreat with my youth group. I might even have something to post when I get back!)


Diane Estrella said...

So happy to have you over!!! Hugs :O)

Beautiful Possibilities said...

I read your meet and greet! I would just like to say, I am beyond proud of you! You have accomplished so much! The stand that you are taking against hunan trafficking is incredible. The meet and greet definitely showed your personality and character. You are an amazing, godly example to me. You inspire me to do great things. Keep bloggin' and shining for Jesus! I love you to death!

Your proud cousin,

Elizabeth L.W. said...

Well, thanks again, Diane! It was fun!

Elizabeth L.W. said...

Aww, Megan! You are amazing! Thank you sooo much!
I inspire you? I'm sorry, but you have got it all wrong, girl!
YOU inspire me to keep living for Jesus and to stand up for things!
I love you with my whole BUTT! I'd say my heart but my butt is so MUCH bigger! :-P

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