Apr 1, 2013

Colton Dixon - A Messenger

A very awesome grandmother lent me her CD to review, and now, well, I'm kinda in love...
Intro - The first "song is a very cool intro. It's mostly random sounds and different noises, but I like it! It probably lasts all of 30 seconds, before quickly going into the next song. You barely know it was there.
Noise - This is a perfect song to listen to after/during a busy day. Particularly one of those days when you're frustrated and overwhelmed with life in general. Just listening to is kind of makes the frustration melt and bring things into perspective. Here's part of the chorus;
I need to hear your voice
Reminding me that at the end of the day
No matter what goes down
I'll be okay
Even through the noise 
I'll Be the Light - I honestly love Colton's music style, and I love the hope that this song carries.
You know those days when you just want to give up and then Jesus comes close and says "Don't worry about it, I've got this."? Well that's basically what this song is about.
You Are - This one they've played on the radio quite a bit, and wow, I love it! Every time I sing it my heart just cries "Yes! Yes! Yes! This is what I was made for!" Here's my favorite part;
When all my dirtiness
Has left me hopeless
You are the rain that washes me.
Never Gone - This song brings tears to my eyes. The passion put into it, Jesus' passion for us, is just incredible  He will never ever leave me, no matter how deep in sin we are, he's right there on the cross, taking our sins on himself. Never alone.
Love Has Come For Me - Every time I hear the beginning of this song I think it's an Owl City song! I guess it's just the music but I still pause for a second every time  But this song is amazing. It just speaks what I want most. Here's the chorus;
This is where I end
And this is where you start
and everything I need is 
Everything you are
Love has come for me,
Love has come for me.
Scars - I have been here so many times and I'm still here in a lot of places in my life. I fall so many times, I get so angry at myself, but when I look back at that "scar" I see Jesus' name plastered all over it and him saying, "Hey, I never left." I saw myself in this song so much and I was reminded of Jesus' amazing grace.
Rise - Yet another song that talks about never being alone. I love songs like this! Probably why I love this album so much... It also seems like the "theme" of the the album.
Where My Heart Goes - This song! My goodness! Again, this album just seems to reflect my name so clearly it's insane! Here's some of the chorus;
You are my home,
You are what I treasure
I want you to be where my heart goes
And if it all breaks 
If it goes to pieces 
You are the one that I will believe in.
This Is Who I Am - Oh, if only every Christian would embrace the call of standing strong for Christ's sake, myself, of course, included. I often think that I won't have to "stand strong" unless I'm facing down the barrel of a gun, but that's not always true. Taking a stand for Jesus is more of a daily thing than a last-thing-you'll-ever do. He's more of than a once in a lifetime thing, he's a forever thing.
In and Out of Time - Time, ugh, a frustrating and sometimes overwhelming thing. Especially when it comes to living for Jesus. There are more days than not where I question what one thing or another is actually doing for me, besides wasting time, precious time. We are only on this earth for so long, and I want to makes it count.
Let Them See You - Another desire of mine! I've always wanted to be the moon and reflect the Son, but it is in no way an easy task!
Let them see you 
In me
Let them hear you
When I speak
Let them feel you
When I sing
Let them see you
Let them see you 
In me.
The Shape of Your Love - This particular song is a Walmart Exclusive, and a very good song at that! One of my favorites. I love the beauty in the words. And they would be just words if it weren't for Jesus. The chorus is incredible!
The shape of your love,
Is in the grace I'm given
Always enough to fill the voice inside
I wanna grow into the shape of your love

Oh my goodness! I love this CD! It's packed full of truth, and dripping with grace and mercy. I love it! I love it! I love it!
My Favorite Song - Ah! This is like pulling teeth! Though I really really love the Walmart Exclusive, The Shape of Your Love. It's so beautiful! This album is so going on my birthday list!

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