Apr 6, 2013

The White Umbrella - Mary Frances Bowley

Sex trafficking. We hear about it on the nightly news and in special interest stories from around the world, but it occurs daily in communities all around us. Every year, thousands of young women are forced into sexual exploitation. Most are under the age of 18. The damage this causes to their emotions and souls is immeasurable, but they are not without hope.
The White Umbrella tells stories of survivors as well as those who came alongside to help them to recovery. It describes the pain and the strength of these young women and those who held the "white umbrella" of protection and purity over them on the road to restoration.
This book offers principles and guidance to anyone with a heart for these hurting young women and a desire to help. It is an ideal resource for individuals or organizations seeking to learn what they can do to assist these victims in becoming whole again. (Barnes & Noble) 

Mary Frances Bowley is the founder of an organization that works to restore women and girls who have suffered from childhood sexual abuse and exploitation, called Wellspring Living in Atlanta, Georgia.
This book includes many stories of victims and staff members at Wellspring Living. It takes a look at the healing process and constant struggles these women face.
This is not a book you read for entertainment, it's an educational and sometimes difficult read.
While this book is mainly about the work done at Wellspring Living; it's an inspiring book. Just through these pages you see how much the staff at Wellspring incest into the lives of these women, and there passion to see them succeed in the healing process. They also recognize the victims need for Christ if they are ever to be fully restored.
I was expecting more of an awareness of sexual slavery from this book, but i found so much respect for these courageous women who are willing to share their stories as they journey toward healing. I also found gratitude for the Wellspring staff and others who work with sexually abused individuals.
Overall a really good read that I'd recommend.
Title - The White Umbrella : Walking With Surviors of Sex Trafficking
Author - Mary Frances Bowley
Pages - 200
Type of Book - Nonfiction
Website - The White Umbrella Campaign - http://www.thewhiteumbrellacampaign.com/
Website - Wellspring Living - https://wellspringliving.org/
This book was provided to me by Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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