Jun 28, 2013

The Shakespeare Stealer - Gary Blackwood

I haven't completely forgotten my blog! I've been busy finishing up school, and honestly haven't read many books lately. It's shameful, I know...
Forteen-year-old Widge is an orphan who does not know his real name. Widge's previous master, Dr. Timothy Bright, taught him charactery, a shorthand language, to steal other preachers' sermons. His current master wants to use Widge's talent to acquire William Shakespeare's Hamlet, which has not be reprinted.
Bass Widge's master, gives Widge the assignment to write the play out in shorthand, and he sets off to London with a companion named Falconer. Falconer is a ruthless man, whom Bass assigns to ensure that Widge succeeds. The performance of Hamlet so enraptures Widge that he forgets his assignment. When he returns for a second try, his notebook is stolen.
Widge returns, posing as a hopeful player. The Lord Chamberlain's Men accepts him, and for the first time. Widge feels like a part of a family. However, Falconer constantly pressed Widge to steal the play, and Widge must decide between his master and the company.

I am a huge lover of Shakespeare so I readily picked this book up. I honestly wasn't expecting to fall in love with it, but I did.
It tells the story of Widge, an orphan boy with a dilemma, defy his new master, or betray his new friends.
I didn't quite expect to laugh out of humor or irony, but guess what? I did!
The one word that stands out to me when I think of this book is, delightful! It's so perfectly told; there were a few things I wasn't quite expecting, and the pacing was great! It wasn't slow and it wasn't to fast.
The characters were fantastic! The overall conflict between them was brilliant, though I did feel that there was one scene in which a character was a little too forgiving for the situation. But overall, I loved it!
I also found that there is 2 more books!
I will most definitely be getting my hands on them!
Title - The Shakespeare Stealer
Author - Gary Blackwood
Series/Trilogy Title- The Shakespeare Stealer Trilogy
Book in Series/Trilogy - #1
Pages - 216
Type of Book - YA Historical Fiction


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