Jul 7, 2011


Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays! I get to see my cousins and watch the fireworks in my front yard! Though I find the Revolutionary War a very bloody and sad war it still remains one of my all time favorite wars in American History. The raw courage of the men and women of that time astounds me. But one thing that drives me absolutely mad, is that American history never fully tells the British side of the story. The reason the British taxed us is because they were in severe debt, so they looked to the land they had claims on and taxed us. But we didn't like it so we rebelled. Now this made Britain look bad, it made them look like they couldn't handle their own land so they raised the taxes and when that only made us more angry they sent in troops to quell the rebellion. But we were very hostile to them and that made the troops feel like they had something to prove. Matters just got worse for the British and eventually we concurred the Mother Country. Now having that said here is some pictures of the fireworks. Like I said we all sat in our front yard and watched the fireworks! I love the fact that I can feel the explosions in my chest! (sorry about the street light and the telephone wires)

Well there they are! Lighting up the sky proclaiming a victory that looked impossible to many. Happy 235th Birthday America!

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Ajnos said...

Wow. Those are such pretty photos. We used to have fireworks displays in our garden for Guy Fawkes when we were younger (SA kept up it's British heritage in this respect for a while). While I love how pretty they can be, my attitude towards fireworks is mixed. They tried to have them banned in my area a few years back because of the way they upset animals (and I have seen firsthand how some dogs get very upset by the loud bangs). The attempt failed because fireworks are considered an important part of the Hindu Festival of Light. While Guy Fawkes celebrations have fizzled out, fireworks are still plentiful at Diwali and New Year. I just wish they would make them less noisy, then I would enjoy them a lot more.

Oh, and Happy Birthday America ;-)

Ajnos >'.'<