Jul 21, 2011

What Do You Think?

So I was thinking, yeah I know that could get dangerous... :P But I was thinking about putting a little of one of the stories I'm writing on here. I'm not really good at explaining things but I'll give it a go: I have 4 main characters, Aaron Tuck (17yr.), my swordsman, Peter Lockwick (17yr.), my archer, Katherine(15yr.) (She doesn't have a last-name yet), and last but not least, Charity Cromwell (14yr.)! Aaron and Peter are outlaws and lifelong friends, Katherine is a squeal-y girl who is an escaped slave of the Kings and also Aaron's long lost younger sister. I'm going to be putting a Star Wars twist on it, Aaron and Katherine WILL NOT like each other like Luke and Laya Skywalker, though, but they will be a little taken aback about finding out that they are siblings but I repeat, they WILL NOT like each other in a romantic way. Charity and Peter are like brother and sister but they are not. Charity is a rough-it girl. She is definitely not afraid to get a little dirty. I have lots of plans for them but I do not have a title yet. I was thinking maybe something like "Destined for Trouble" or "The Adventure of a Lifetime" something along the lines of that... But let me know what you guys think of my posting it on here. I will  warn you though, it's not very good at all. To me it's awesome, but it is the first story I've been able to stick too. In the beginning it's kind of corny and a little dumb, but as the story progresses it gets better. I will not at all be appalled if you don't think it such a good idea. It's still in it's beginning/editing stage and  it is hardly developed at all, it's just writing itself. Though I would like someone to help me with some of my work. I've asked a few people to help me but haven't got anything back from them. So I'm on my own for now, but that's ok. Anyhoo, Let me know what you think, and please be honest with me! Thanks a bunch, ELW.


Kimberly said...

Okay,,, fist of all, I love the name Peter!! an it sound like it will be very interesting! :) it is very hard for me to write a story and stay with it! :P I like "The Adventure of a Lifetime" for a title. best of wishes on it!

Hudson said...

I'm not a writer, so I won't comment on the content of the post. However, my most recent post includes you, and I am supposed to inform you. :-)

Elizabeth L.W. said...

Thank you very much! I wasn't on for a couple of days and poof all of the sudden I'be been mentioned in a blog! But thank you again!