May 29, 2012

City on Our Knees - TobyMac Book Review

Bestselling recording artist TobyMac has a passion for inspiring believers to step out and take action for their faith. Through compelling stories and Scripture, City on Our Knees will illustrate how Christians past and present have set aside differences, come together in unity, and stepped forward in action and prayer. Readers will be encouraged and inspired to do the same, summoning the commitment, courage, and devotion to bring a city to its knees. (From
This book was totally awesome! I have always liked TobyMac’s music, and now having read this book really gives me a different perspective of who he is; which is just an average guy chasing after Jesus.
I like the way this book has been written. He basically retold the stories of the people who inspire him. There was also a few of his thoughts thrown in here and there; and if you ask me they were entirely too short!
 One thing I found interesting is that there really weren’t any definable chapters. There were sections, but only 4, so I wouldn’t really call them chapters. Each story was not more than 5 or 6 pages long; some were barely 2 pages long. It would be a great book for on-the-go readers or for people who don’t care to read a lot.
Oh and the book was jam packed with quotes! I think I highlighted most if not all of them! :-P The book itself was focused on breaking down barriers and ‘stepping across the line’ to serve Jesus and others. Some of these people faced death or threat of death as a consequence for their actions, but all of them are and will be remembered for their bravery and dedication.
TobyMac retold 2 of my hero’s stories.
William Wilberforce and Zach Hunter. Both guys who fought and are still fighting against injustice and slavery. These guys are awesome! Talk about some serious stepping across the line! Every time I read about them I can’t help but think that, “I wanna live like that”.
Here is the song that inspired this book.
Title: City on Our Knees
Author: TobyMac
Pages: 223
Type of Book: Nonfiction


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