Jun 1, 2012

Sidewalk Prophets - Live Like That CD Review

What did I think of this CD? Pretty awesome! And I thought I was head over heels for their last CD… Ha! This one is immaculate!
Hebrews 12:1 (Prelude) – This is just a short musical into that smoothly goes into the actual first song.
Live Like That – Really cool song! Especially after reading Hebrews 12:1! You should totally look it up! This is a powerful song, and it should be taken seriously. Not everyone sees the importance of living with your heart wide open and trusting Jesus to take care of the rest, but these guys do. Like I said really cool song and verse to live by!
Love Love Love – Sidewalk Prophets do a good job at making their music lighthearted in tune and overall flow of their songs, but they always have such great lyrics! The 1st and 3rd verses are definitely my favorites. Though the mention of Darth Vader and Chuck Norris bring on a smile! :-P
Save My Life – This song really makes you think. It makes me wonder why I am not loving people like Jesus. How many will be contemplating suicide tonight? How many are going through a hard break up or divorce? And what am I doing? Sitting on my bed with my nose buried in a book? Yeah, for some reason I seriously doubt that is what Jesus made me for. Maybe that’s why I am suddenly having problems with my eyes, because I need to get up and love like Jesus.
Keep Making Me – This is a dangerous song. I know if I ask Jesus to keep making me, He’ll do it. And I might not like how He does it. It’ll hurt, but I know it’ll be good in the end. What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger, right? I really like this song but it scares me at the same time.
It’s Good (Love is Not Safe) – Wow. This song and the last one back each other amazingly well! I really love this one! Jesus puts any fears I had about the huge meaning of the last song at ease in this song! Jesus is awesome!
Help Me Find It Another amazing song! These guys are great! I love it. Jesus has always been there and He’s not going anywhere! Thank God! I guess I have a hard time convincing myself of that, because I am always drawn to songs like this. I never want to forget.

Heart’s on Fire – This is my heartbeat in words. This is me. This is me all over the place! Oh Jesus, You are all I really want. I don’t know how many times I’ve said it, but it’s still true, I want Jesus more than I anything.
Wrecking Ball – Cool song! Very true for me! I feel like I have to constantly be checking for sin in my life. It’s very tiring but I think He’s worth it.
Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us – This is a declaration! If God is with is there is no one worth our fear against us! There is no way to stop us!
For You Tonight – Jesus is always giving me a song that reminds me of someone, and here is another. The person that I’m thinking of already has several songs I’ve tacked onto them. To me it’s their song; and every time I hear it my thoughts and prayers are directed to them, that they’ll be comforted and that they’ll know Jesus is right there. I really like this song.
This is Not Goodbye – This is a sort of claming and hopeful song. I like it. It kind of leaves you with a lot to think about.
Would I want to own this CD? Most definitely! Awesome, awesome, awesome CD! These guys are definitely chasing after Jesus and I want to live like THAT!
Favorite Song: Without a doubt, ‘Heart’s on Fire’! Because it’s so me. It’s what I want! 

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